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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dillweed Herb Faire

 plant vendor picture

my goods on dsplay
 My "cash register" area

 This was at the front area... Bunnies at the ready

In this grouping, My husband is making pens from antique silverware knife handles now. I have a big collection. Hope they show on the pictures! Love the dressform tags, too! Handmade by me

 and the other side

 my other display

 views from around our tent

 Loved this wagon full of plants

Here's my second attempt at my Dillweed post... I wanted to redo my pictures and deleted my whole post, like I said. So, I'm trying to be less picky about how things look!!!
The BEST thing about doing the show at Dillweed B&B was to be able to do it with my Bestfriend, Sandy. We had planned it since I was asked to do the show last October. I called her immediately and we were like two maniacs. You see, we wanted just to go to the Herb Faire last year together. But, my husband and I (and our daughter, Mandy) went to an Antique show to sell and it rained. And Sandy didn't go to the Herb Faire because it rained. So WE were excited.
But then she hatched a plan.... For my birthday, she booked us a room at the Dillweed B&B for a GIRLS ONLY WEEKEND!
What a Great Friend! What a Great Weekend! What a Great Time we had!
Great was our word!!!
We set up for the show in the morning,
we talked, we ate, we laughed,
we tore down at the end of the show,
we talked, we ate, we laughed,
we drank, we cried, (we watched "Terms of Endearment") (I got her for her birthday)
we talked and talked and talked and never ran out of things to talk about!
Oh, yeah, I sold stuff ,too!
everyone at Dillweed was fabulous!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ok, I just deleted my whole post that I worked all night last night on. I uploaded photos and thought eveything was great. Then, I didn't like the white around the picture frames so I tried to change one photo to try it... and I hit delete... and yes... it deleted the whole post! Well, that was great! It will take me a while to redo this again.