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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well, I learned a lot this past week. Since putting my pictures on for "Where Bloggers Create" I have so many new ideas for my sewing area and my blog. A lot of things I wish I had done differently about my post, too.... Like add more info under my pictures and make the pictures bigger! And I finally added a followers widget. But live and learn. It will be better next year.

One thing that was wonderful,  I found some new blog friends! That was a real treat! In fact one of them, Lovey has written a beautiful book and I just purchased a copy! The images she uses in her collages are antique ladies and they are stunning. She has pictures and tutorials in the book. Can't wait until it gets here. It looks so rich and colorful. 
Her blog  is
She's having a book sale right now! Check it out!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still having a great time looking at all the wonderful studios and craft rooms! So many amazing ideas people come up with for storage and decorating! I will just keep looking all week!

Also, Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to look at my rooms and leave a thoughtful message.  I really appreciate every comment, they mean a lot to me!

Friday, July 15, 2011

"Where Bloggers Create"

This is my first time on "Where Bloggers Create"
not sure I'm ready? (Lot's of cleaning, arranging and purging!)
Big Thank you to Karen from "My Desert Cottage" for doing this!

This is my antique jelly cupboard/ fabric storage unit, that I want to paint creme and "antique"
View from the cutting room to the sewing room

View from my sewing room to cutting room
My Singer Featherweight and pincushions
 Singer collectibles
Thimble and small collection
Lots of stuff in progress...
The area to the left I use for hot gluing.
Top of shelves in Sewing room
Dress form, she holds my needles and pins!
Close up of my Singer collectibles, did I mention, I collect cloth tape measures as well?

My husband made the sewing tables for me with machines built in. I usually keep beige thread in the Izek and black in the other Singer. The futuristic Izek Singer is a 150th Anniversary machine that uses a Game boy for the stitch functions.
My sewing room. My machine is undercover, so is my serger!
My husband found this 4 drawer spool cabinet for me, it was painted totally black and he stripped it down and when we found the words were still on, I screamed. The other one we found at a fleatique!
 My fabric cutting room's other corner. Lots of ribbon rolls hanging above.
 I made the lamp shade for the Singer Lamp. Going to "antique" the Hoosier soon, too white!
 This big Singer was for upholstery.  I haven't tried it yet! And I've had it for years!

Love Singer Sewing Machines! Major Collector, here!

Closer view of my cutting table. It's a real old Singer table that I found a sale.

My cutting/storage room. I have taken over our entire basement for my sewing and crafting and storage! I still don't have enough space.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm joining "Where Bloggers Create"! So I have lots of cleaning and arranging to to do today.

Had a computer scare this morning (everything went black, had to do a small system restore!) Gotta have that fixed to put my pictures on!

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