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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have been away for quite a while because things have been hectic around here.
 Since Christmas, my Dad had been having difficult breathing issues and we were really worried about him. After lots of Dr. appts and testing, he had to have a second open heart surgery. It was on March 7 and Mandy and I flew to FL with my brother, Rog to be with our parents. He had the surgery then had a really good day after. But, he developed metabolic acidosis and took a turn for the worse......We lost Dad on March10.
Such a SHOCK to us all. Dad was always busy and ready to help anyone do anything. He never like to sit still, always moving. Even though they lived in Florida, we talked multiple times a day. So close to him. It's hard to understand that we will never see him again. Just can't wrap my head around losing him. Don't know when it will sink in?

 I love you, Dad!