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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Steeler game was FABULOUS! My niece and I had a great time! It was really hot and humid when we got there and I was worried about finding a place to park. We parked near the Casino and paid $35.00! Shocking, but it's hard to find anything that's not prepaid. We had great seats and we able to see our guys really well.... the game was going well, we were winning, we were loving life. And then.......the rain started and it got worse, came down harder and the wind started to pick up! But, we had out Steeler rain ponchos. Arms were wet, feet were wet, faces were wet. It got crazy! Then, there was a huge clap of thunder followed by lightning and the game came to a stop. They made an announcement to go inside to the concourse to wait out the storm... fun! We finally got to go back to our seats after more than an hour. As soon as we got to our seats, Erin, my niece, looked for her camera to resume picture taking and it was not there. LOST CAMERA!! OMG! Not a happy camper for the rest of the game. I went to search for the camera, but to no avail. She called Lost and Found today at Heinz Field, but nothing was turned in. We are sick about it. The camera must have fallen in the scramble to get out of the pouring rain. It's terrible. We rallied to watch to rest of the game while mourning the loss of the camera. Steelers won 23-7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!! Way to go Steelers!