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Friday, October 8, 2010


Last week just before the Bedford Fall Foliage Show, I made my Punkin' Run to Pisarski 's Farm. I just got a  couple (2 dozen) or so. They have THE best assortment to pick from. Lillian is so sweet and let's us go out in the fields and forage for hours. She came with us for a bit of the pickin', too!   I go into a punkin' mania and can't make a decision.....should I get a white one... a green one, how many orange.... are two of each enough......are 12 too many! What to do!!!!  It's Pumpkin overload!    Buy a truck full, yea, that's it!  OK, that works for me!   But,still I wondered, as I placed them all around my house, did I need just a few more!!   I guess I will try to deal with only what I have....sigh...