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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Great Pumpkin!

A couple of posts ago, I said I made a BIG giant pumpkin and I hoped it would sell... it sure did! The new owner is Megann, one of my best customers at Bedford Fall Foliage. This a picture of all of us togther. That's Me, Rick and Will holding it and Megann, Soren and my hubby, Tom. Got this picture from Megann's blog.

And we had one from Tom's phone...

That's a big pumpkin! Thanks Smileys!


Megann said...

Wow! It feels a little like 15 minutes of fame being featured on your blog (I love your blog, by the way). We found the perfect spot for the Great Pumpkin- right in the front hall- it's stunning! It was fun to see you in Bedford. Have a great year and please be sure to bring pictures from your trip next year!

Lovey said...