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Friday, July 12, 2013

I got my dates wrong and didn't get my pictures loaded yet for Where Bloggers Create!!!!!  I am working on them now....check back later today. Sorry I'm late!


Beansieleigh said...

Oh Debbie, sorry to hear this post was so stressful, but let me tell you.. You are the only person I've said this to, out of every stop i've been to so far.. "CAN I COME TO YOUR HOUSE?!!" (0; Everything is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I feel like I just stepped into Heaven on Earth, completely surrounded by all these beautiful creative treasures!! I particularly loved the antique sewing machines. I have a couple that I treasure myself, and then I have the (now) vintage machine my grandmother used (in a beauiful aqua color!), which I remember her using.. If ever there was something wrong with her machine, there was no need to call, nor pay, a repairman. She would work on that machine till she figured it out herself!... Thanks for the tour, and I hope you're enjoying the weekend! ~tina