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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Case in point.. (Can't always get what you want) OK, I said before I ordered a new printer from Amazon? Well, I didn't update that post. I stopped that order, My husband temporarily fixed the printer and all was well. Yeah, right!! Here's what happened next. I needed to print my Mom's Mother's day and birthday cards, they are on the same day. So naturally the printer decides to die before I can print and mail in a timely fashion for FL. Thanks for letting me down HP 8250!!! Mom's card were late. And my printer is dead. So I go to Amazon to order and the price is up $30, GREAT! Check EBay...OK, order one and it arrives. I decide to get an HP Office jet 8000. Good to go! We get it all set up and all it does is EAT paper!!! IT"S BRAND NEW! IT SHOULD WORK RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!! Tomorrow I have to e-mail and call the place I bought it and tell them it doesn't work! I can't wait. Can't ever get what you want