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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The kitchen redo is on track so far. My hubby has spent this week tearing out part of our floor down to the joist and replaced them. They weren't going in the right way with the other floor. We had a sun porch and kitchen and now it's one room. So for a couple days we had no floor in the "sun porch". Now, we have new joists and we will have a level floor! Yeah! It's all going to be Fab when it's finished. Great to have a Carpenter at home!


kdkane09 said...

Hi, just wondering how you chose the title for your blog?

Debbie Burkey said...

Hi, It's the name of our business. My husband was building a shop for his gunsmith business on top of our garage. And our niece said what's that going to be Uncle Tom's cabin? (Since his name is Tom)It kinda of looked like a cabin, it was bigger than the garage. We kept the name for selling antiques and when I started doing craft shows. I have always used a sewing image with the name Uncle Tom's Cabin. The one I use is from the Library of Congress.